Casting Directors

Why they're Important!

Casting directors are very important to an actor's career. Why? Because they decide who gets to audition for each role.

For those who may not be familiar with how Hollywood works, I will takeyou on a short walk through what takes place before an actor is hired for a job.

The producer hires a casting director to find the talent. Whether it's a commercial, feature film, TV, movie or series.

The casting director puts out a notice to the agents of what he is looking for. The agents send photos and resumes of their clients to the casting director. The casting director then looks over all the submissions andcalls the agents to set up auditions for the actors he feels are rightfor the roles.

For example, I just recently cast a commercial for Eastwood Insurance. The producer called me to say he needed an African-American male who could do a Jamacian accent. He also needed a male character type witha psychotic look.

I released the notice to the agents. They sent me photos and resumes. I called in the ones I felt fit the description. I auditioned over a hundred actors to find the ones to show the producer.

I met many talented actors but hired only two for this job.

As you can see, casting directors are an important part of an actor'slife. They don't always make the final decision of who gets the job, but they do decide who gets to auditon. This is why you need to know who the casting directors are and what type of casting they do.

One way to become familiar with the casting directors is to watch the credits at the end of the movies and TV shows you see. Commercials don't list credits.

The quickest way to learn who the casting directors are, of course, is to get a list that has the names, addresses, phone numbers and tells what shows they have cast and are now casting.

Realizing the need for such a list I have, along with Silver Screen Publishing, created The Casting Directors.

The Casting Directors lists all the current shows that are in production now. This book is one of the best sources ever published to help the actor market himself to those in Hollywood who decide which actor get to audition for the roles available.

If you are interested in acting or would just like to know who these individuals are and how to contact them, this book is a great way to learn more about who's who in Hollywood.


  • Names addresses and phone numbers of the Top Hollywood Casting Directors!
  • Current Casting Assigments
  • Top Commercial Casting Directors!
  • The Casting Process
  • An inside look at casting -- Tells you what to do and what not to do


  • How To Market Yourself To Casting Directors
  • Shows you how to promote yourself with or without an agent

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