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Make-Up Artist Training

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The Studio Makeup Academy is the only school in the world located inside a Major Film and Television Studio. 

The Studio Makeup Academy provides you with the essential training needed to become a professional makeup artist in the entertainment and beauty industries. 

The Master Makeup Artist Course 

The class covers: 

  • All the phases of Professional Makeup
  • Basic Commercial Beauty Makeup 
  • Basic Principles of Photographic Makeup
  • Makeup For Black and White Photography
  • Makeup for Color Photography
  • Makeup for Video and Film
  • Motion Pictures, Television, Video and Stage
  • Special Effects
  • Face Casting for Prosthetic Makeup
The Beauty Makeup Artist Course 

This class covers:

  • All phases of beauty makeup
  • Basic Commercial Beauty
  • Makeup Basic Principles of Photographic Makeup
  • Makeup for Black and White Photography 
  • Makeup for Color Photography
Makeup Artist Training
1438 N. Gower Box 14 Studio 308 Hollywood CA 90028
(323) 465-4002 -- Fax: (323) 465-6078
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