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Do You Need a Manager?

F or a long time mostly only stars had personal managers. This has changed over the years and now many newcomers have personal managers.

Many agents have stopped being agents and have become managers. And some managers have become agents. Confusing? It can be. Let's examine the position of a personal manager.

A personal manager helps you develop your image and the agent sells this image to the casting directors. A personal manager can help you find a good agent.

A manager's job is to advise, counsel and direct you. He may help you with your auditions, clothing, even how to wear your hair.

It's the manager's job to know what is selling and to help you become what they are looking for in up-and-coming films and TV shows.

Some actors feel they don't need management. Some will always make sure they have that extra person to help with their career.

If you would like to learn more about personal managers, you can get the names, addrsses and phone numbers of the top personal mangers in Hollywood.

Silver Screen Publishing and I have put together a guide to personal managers titled Personal Managers.

This book explores the relationship between managers and agents and it clearly sets out exactly what a manager's duties are.

If you would like to learn more about persoanl managers and how they can help you, I recommend this book as one of the best guides I have ever seen on the market. I am very happy to have played a role in bringing it to those who wish to know more about personal management.


  • Names addresses and phone numbers of the Top Hollywood Managers!
  • The World of Personal Management
  • Casting Director Keith Wolfe gives you an inside look at personal managemet


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  • The price in stores is $12 Plus Tax.= $13
  • You can download "Personal Managers for $8.95


Personal Managers

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